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St Melons Hotel 02/09/17

My first time at this venue near Cardiff and hopefully not my last. The whole grounds had an air of class as I approached the picturesque manor house.

Sprinkled with statues of Jay kay (Jameriquai) and real-life golfers carrying their Golf bats to their next hole, I knew I was in for a treat.

It wasn't by any means a 'run of the mill' wedding. The bride and groom had some interesting requests for during the ceremony and I was looking forward to showing them what I came up with.



Loading in was made easy by the staff who were surprisingly interested in how my day had gone so far. They couldn't do enough for me in this venue and they decorated the ceremony room beautifully.

Song choices

After an initial consultation to discuss running order for the wedding ceremony, I was told that if all goes to plan, the groom and groomsmen would have a specific request to walk in to-

I want you back - ABC - Man in the Mirror - Blame it on the boogie - Bad

A Jackson 5 medley!

I absolutely loved this idea and was ready and waiting for my cue with much eager heavy breathing and tongue flapping.

Unfortunately, with the interest of keeping everything running smoothly and on time, they decided to skip this part.

So I played it for the drinks reception during photo's in the sun.


Drinks reception

I was already set up inside the bar area before the ceremony to save time but as it happens, the weather allowed for everyone to mingle outside in the surrounding gardens.

So after a quick re-location. I played the remainder of the afternoon on the front terrace and ended with the Medley as an encore.


Lovely things

  1. Venue

  2. Staff

  3. Bride and Groom

  4. Jameriquai statues

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