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Wedding at Lower House Farm - Be different

Updated: Jan 14

Every wedding I play has a certain element of originality. Whether it's a mound of cheese for a wedding cake, interesting dress designs or original music playlists. I love getting booked to play a wedding with such a personal feel as this one.

The personalities of the bride and groom were stamped onto everything that I saw, with every emphasis on having fun and filling the whole wedding day with as much cheer and vibrancy as possible.


The choice of venue was the first thing that stood out. This was my first booking here and upon driving through the idyllic foothills of the Welsh Valleys, I was directed by small signs through a farm gate.

The road to the venue was framed by an avenue of trees for the first few hundred metres, it then opened up into a clearing where the road took you through the middle of an open field.

The venue itself seemed like a working farm with the main festivities taking place in a luxurious converted barn.


Setting up

As I was loading in, the staff were more than helpful directing me where to go and I was promptly greeted by the bride and groom making sure I felt welcome at their party. The venue was perfect for the amount of people at the wedding and was decorated beautifully with lots of candles and floral arrangements on the rustic wooden beams. Florists - Great British Florist

I was set up in the corner of the main function room which served as the dance floor with tables towards the back of the room near the bar.


Cake cutting & First Dance

The first dance choice was also a new one for me. Leon Bridges - River.

This was a beautiful song and it was lovely to have a first dance that was stripped back, atmospheric and so far away from the usual first dance choices.

As far as the cake goes, I have never seen a wedding cake like it. The photos speak for themselves! - Made by Emily Rose Cakes


Party Time

After I got into my acoustic evening setlist. It was clear that a lot of my favourite songs were also favourites of the guests and everyone was there to have fun.

Towards the end of my live set, it was time for a sparkler party outside to finish off the night.



"You have been so amazing throughout this whole process. We loved every supplier we booked but Dom and I have said so many time we are just so glad we booked you - you truly blew us away on so many occasions - you are one of a kind. So again, from the bottom of our hearts thank you. It really wouldn't have been the same without you."

Bride and Groom


What to take from this...

Be bold, be original, have green hair, have a multi-coloured cake. Put your own stamp on your wedding.

Shop around for what you like, not what you think was nice for someone else.





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