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Acoustic Guitarist at a Beach-Themed Wedding: My Nautical Adventure

Updated: Jan 25

My visit to Watermouth Cove, a prime spot for beach weddings, marked the start of my road trip across the South of England as an Acoustic Guitarist for Beach Weddings. I played at various wedding exhibitions and met with new venues along the way. No longer accustomed to the hotel-living lifestyle of my earlier days, I skipped br


I was asked to perform at Watermouth cove as part of an open day at their venue and as I arrived, I was instantly blown away by the natural beauty of the place.


View from just inside the entrance

The whole venue is situated in a…. Yep you guessed it… A cove.

I’ve never been to a venue where you can go for a dip in the sea to kill time while waiting for the wedding breakfast. But there’s so much more that makes this venue such a unique place.


While I was being led to my performance area by Zoe and Georgia, we passed an outdoor patio and seating area perfect for welcome drinks in the sun. My nostrils were teased by the smell of wood smoke as the pizza oven was fired up and staff bustled around to get the welcome drinks and canopies ready for the visitors.

My performance area was 6 feet from the ice cream/brownie vendor and within nostril shot of the pizza oven.




The Snug

This is an indoor bar and seating area with a very warm, cosy Christmas-esque feel. If John Candy was behind the bar spilling hot chocolate over himself, it wouldn’t be out of place.


There’s indoor and outdoor seating with the outdoor area overlooking a private pool area. Just as I was imagining how fun it would be to have a pool and greased watermelon at a wedding, I noticed a wedding schedule sign

Day Before/ Day After Typical Schedule

When I saw this, I realised the potential for such a memorable experience.


See what I mean? This isn’t a wedding. This is the event of a lifetime. Can you imagine doing all this with your best friends and family?

One big adventure.

The only thing I would change is having really cheap battered acoustic guitars poking out of the sand on the beach waiting for guests to pick them up and blast out really ropey versions of Oasics and Ed Sherman songs during a beach barbecue.


After I tore myself away from the imaginary bbq food, I decided to wander around the venue grounds.

Woodland Barn - Wedding Ceremony Room

Watermouth cove have made a big effort to include the surrounding natural areas in the makeup of this wedding venue. The ceremony area is a little way up an overlooking path. It feels separate somehow to the nautical, driftwood vibe of the rest of the venue. This is not the surf shack that I expected. It’s a log cabin which feels like it’s grown there. The panoramic view out the front of the ceremony room made me feel as if I’m in a really high-end tree house.


Just outside the ceremony room is a festival style outdoor bar which is perfect for quenching a post ceremony thirst and loosening up some joints ready for the next part of the wedding day.


Outdoor patio

After playing a little set inside the nook, I moved to the outdoor patio area to play to the guests as they sampled some of the canepes and food options.


It felt considerably more upbeat and lively than the calm John Candy room so I blasted through some of my favourite pre-evening set songs - 90’s dance - 80’s sing alongs etc....


It's easy to forget how important entertainment is for your wedding and although it's sometimes the last thing on the list of things to arrange, it's the one thing that people miss the most and has a big impact on you and your guest's memory of the day.


If you are interested in a bespoke entertainment plan for your wedding which will ensure your guests never get bored in the empty parts of your schedule, get in touch for a quote.



The sky eventually cleared up and I was lucky enough to witness the sun start to go down on this beautiful venue but unfortunately, I didn’t get any more photos because all I could think about was the paella and pizza that people were tauntingly gobbling up around me.

Get a Glimpse

For anyone looking for a nautical beach themed wedding. Watermouth Cove is a pearl of a venue nestled in the natural beauty of a private cove and as far as coastal wedding venues go, there's no other quite like it.

Watch the video for a glimpse into Watermouth Cove Coastal Wedding Venue

Original music written and recorded by Scott Morgan

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