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Melodies Amongst the Bees: A Brecon Manor House Wedding Guitarist's Tale

Updated: Jan 26

Peterstone Court


A change from the monotonous motorway drive. The journey to this venue took me through the rolling Welsh valleys in the heart of Brecon to a regal manor house.

As far as venue's go, it was well situated with stunning views, staff were wonderful and maybe this is the moustache talking but I found it equally as majestic as it was homely. The only downside..

Bee's do not like my music.



I was booked to play a drinks reception for a lovely couple I met at a wedding fayre in Cardiff last year. They wanted my usual drinks reception (acoustic jazz/funk) set. With the groom being French, and a guitar enthusiast, I threw in a little more Gypsy Jazz than I usually would.

Brecon Manor House Wedding Guitarist Performance

The venue itself was full of small rooms where guests usually mingle during their drinks receptions and the only big areas for people to congregate were the garden terrace or the entrance. I opted to set up in the garden even though the weather wasn't fantastic.

Luckily it did brighten up and all the guests were happy mingling outside sipping cocktails and being fed delicious canapés by the pristine venue staff.

Unlucky for me, airborne stinging insects also love the sun and fruity cocktails.


My dilemma

As a Brecon manor house wedding guitarist, anyone who has spent enough time with me knows. There are a few things that set me on edge...

  1. People with unnaturally thin necks.

  2. Bees.

So bearing this in mind, I was playing next to the most beautiful hanging basket I'm ever seen and a table laden with empty glasses of sticky orange fizz. If i didn't have to make sweet music with my mouth hole, I would have been screaming from it and throwing blind right and left hooks in the hope that insects would be afraid of a big fleshy punch machine.

I managed to keep it together long enough for my audience to be called in for their wedding breakfast, I congratulated the bride and groom and calmly received some lovely compliments.

What I learned

Brecon is a beautiful part of the world and bees are not afraid of big fleshy punch machines.


If you are looking for interesting afternoon entertainment, find out more about my services below.

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