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Elegant Seaside Serenades: My Experience as a Wedding Guitarist at Hotel Tresanton, Cornwall

Updated: Jan 12

Set at the edge of the sea, Hotel Tresanton overlooks the fishing village of St Mawes, a picturesque and sleepy secret corner of the Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall. As a Cornwall Wedding Guitarist, I was lucky enough to be asked to perform during a wedding ceremony and drinks reception at this waterside wonderland. In this blog, I am excited to share my experience of providing music in such a stunning setting.


Picture from Hotel Tresanton Website



When booking entertainment for your wedding, it's important to make sure you know what to expect. I like to meet and chat face to face when possible so that my clients/customers can tell me exactly what they want and they get a 'feel' for my personality.

After our initial meeting, I was delighted to know that they wanted to go the Classical Guitar route during the ceremony, which is quite rare these days. I don't often get to use my classical chops so I was vibrating internally with excitement with the thought of playing Romanza, Canon, Recuerdos de la Alhambra....

So excited in fact that I almost said, "I am Cheese" when I found out the bride was French Canadian.

"Je suis le Fromage!"

I resisted the urge.



People are always surprised at the distance I travel for work, but what I get in return beats any local 'cookie cutter' wedding.

  • Anyone who likes what I do can have the atmosphere they want at their wedding.

  • I get to play for people who love music and value what I can provide.

When people book just to 'tick the next thing off the list' it becomes purely an exchange of money for time, and no one is truly invested in making your day special.

(I have experience in this, follow my blog for more on this topic in future)



I always arrive extremely early to new venues to set up and in this case, I'm glad I did.


The main route to Hotel Tresanton took me through the town of St Mawes and as I drove along the coastal road, passing little restaurants, ice cream shops and various small town traders, I came across the hotel at the edge of town overlooking the ocean. The road takes a bend just after the hotel and meanders up the verdant hills leading to the main car park, behind the hotel where I parked up and followed the signs to a footpath.

At this point, I was aware that I was higher than the actual hotel. The path I was on was cut into the cliffside, taking me through leafy avenues, under weeping trees and past flowery glades where you can stop to admire the view of the little fishing boats coming in and out of the estuary. The weather wasn't great but the view wasn't wasted on me.

Bad Choice

After making this journey once, one would think that I parked my car right outside the front door to unload my equipment. That way, I wouldn't have to walk 137 steps multiple times.

Well I didn't. I walked down then back up all those steps 3 times while loading myself up like a hill donkey.

After my mountainous Sherpa adventure, I was very pleased to meet Leila, the wedding coordinator and her team. They were very helpful in getting me settled in, letting me know the schedule for the day and also giving me a little mini tour of the venue.


Having staff that go the extra mile makes it so much easier for everybody. When everyone knows where they need to be and when, no one has to bother the Couple.



The song choices for during the ceremony were mainly classical with some very specific songs which had personal meaning to the couple. You can hear an example in the video at the end of this blog but I won't share all the specific choices for the same reason I don't name my clients.

Their song choices were perfect for enhancing the classy, intimate atmosphere of the venue which was further enhanced with the choice of decoration.

The flower arrangement was done by Ellie at The Flower Press Shop. She did an amazing job at decorating the venue, find out more here -


Drinks Reception

One very special perk to getting married at Tresanton Hotel is the option to enjoy an outdoor reception area at the edge of the water. Unfortunately the weather meant that I couldn't set up my equipment outdoors and so I didn't get any photographs of the Nook.

The Bride, Groom and guests tried to make the most of it while they could and I awaited them at the inside bar area for an intimate acoustic performance accompanied by oysters, other decadent canapes and the most fun and dancy bar tender ever.

(Dancy is a word)


Every wedding has a comedy uncle

As my contribution to this wedding was coming to an end, it was almost time for the guests to gather to the function room to munch the wedding breakfast. Leila, the wedding coordinator, took the groom to one side to announce that they have finished preparing the room for dining but not without Comedy Uncle overhearing.

"Would you like to come upstairs?" Asked Leila.

Comedy uncle reads the room and seizes an opportunity that no one else will take. He has prepared for this moment and in an instant, he inserts his quick reply.

"He's a married man!"

Like the fox that always gets the cream, as they say, Comedy Uncle asserts his comedy dominance over all others ensuring this story is told to their children for ages.


Every wedding has a comedy uncle. A little later in the day, when the volume of booze slows the wits, you will find most comedy uncles in the middle of the dance floor. Sometimes shirtless, sometimes wearing an unbuttoned blouse but always with a tie around the head. Start conversating with a Comedy Uncle at your own risk.

Wedding Breakfast Set Up


Extra Mile

Upon my departure, I was offered a meal at the expense of the Couple which I am always so grateful for. It seemed like the kitchen had closed to the public but the staff still threw together a burger which was absolutely out of this world.

This was a top 5, possibly top 3 burger.

"Our burger has been a favourite for many at the hotel with the beef patties are made in house using only the best Cornish reared beef with a little salt & pepper, add on the Cornish Gouda and local bacon and it is a treat." - Hotel Tresanton


I recommend anyone who wants an intimate, classy seaside venue with the option to have the ceremony and drinks reception outdoors at the water's edge, to consider Hotel Tresanton. The staff are extremely helpful and the venue has it's own unique personality which you have to experience to understand.

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