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How to Choose the Perfect First Dance Song For Your Wedding

The first dance is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, often captured on video and cherished as the first dance as a married couple. Choosing the perfect song can be challenging, especially if you don't have 'a song' as a couple. Maybe your meeting was in a setting with generic, less meaningful music.


Reflecting Your Relationship

It's essential for your first dance song to resonate with your personal story. Don't overthink how the music sounds, the chords and melody can be changed. Focus on the lyrics – I've played a wide range of songs from trance, metal, dance to rock, and all of them beautiful.

To find inspiration, look back at your social media, old photos, and significant dates.

  1. When and where did you first go on holiday together?

  2. When did you make it 'Facebook official'?

  3. When did you introduce your partner to your family?

Here's a tip: you can check [Official Single Charts] to see what was popular on the radio during significant moments in your relationship.

Consider the Lyrics of you First Dance Song

Any song can be re-written to sound more chilled or in a different style to suit your first dance vibe and any melody can be rewritten, but after that process, it's the lyrics that stand out.

For example, Queens of the Stone Age's - Go with the Flow has beautiful lyrics which are often overlooked because the original ploughs through your earballs with a steady chuffing of distorted guitar. This is how it sounds completely stripped back (Pay attention to the second verse lyrics)

Similarly, Follow You by Bring Me The Horizon sounds amazing as a stripped back version. Here I used a looper to add depth and is recorded completely live in one take -

These songs might not be traditional choices, but like many other unique songs, their lyrics can create unforgettable moments in your wedding.


Danceability and Comfort

There are two main types of First Dances that I've encountered:

Lively, vibrant and upbeat or Calm, romantic and emotional

Consider your personalities as a couple and how you want to present yourselves in your dance. Whether it's a choreographed routine or a spontaneous dance with pom poms and sequins, choose a song that feels right for both of you. Remember that typically, your guests are invited onto the dance floor to join you at some point during the song.


Unique vs. Traditional First Dance

While traditional songs are easy and familiar for musicians, opting for a unique song makes your wedding stand out. There's more pressure on the musician for unique choices, but it transforms the dance into a memorable highlight.

We've already discussed some interesting choices but there's no shame in choosing something more classic like Ben E King's stand by me or Marry me by Train or even whatever the latest Ed Sheeran replica song is big at the time.

Consult with Your Musician

Ensure your musician is comfortable with your choice and open to providing samples.

As a musician, I often work through several drafts to get the right feel and even offer a full recording as an optional extra. [Get in touch for a quote]



Choosing the perfect first dance song is a beautiful journey. It should be a reflection of your love and story. Be weird, be different, be yourselves.

For personalized advice and to discuss musical accompaniment for your first dance, feel free to reach out. Let's make your first dance as unique as your love story.

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