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Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony Exit Songs

You've just proposed your vows to each other, you've signed the register and in this moment, you have been announced 'Married!'

Your guests are upstanding and the room is filled with applaud and cheer. You look around at all the family an friends who you chose to share this with and they look back with smiles.

What song should accompany this moment for you?


Setting the Tone

Your walking out song is a celebration. You both walked in separately, now you walk out as one. Blasting off into a host of planned festivities with your favourite people.


With this is mind, I think there are some important things to think about in terms of tone and atmosphere when choosing music to walk out of the ceremony:

  • Tempo - Lively and upbeat. This is to match your energy when walking (or skipping!).

  • Volume - If the music is too quiet, you won't even hear it over the applause from your guests.

  • Tonality - Choosing a song which is in a Major key will give a much happier energy than a song in a Minor key.

  • Lyrics - I always think it's a good idea to have vocals to walk out. It's an extra crescendo to the proceedings which can lead nicely to the drinks reception entertainment.

All of these points are to avoid any contrasting themes from the atmosphere your guests will inherently provide. This avoids any kind of awkwardness where people may not know how they should react.

Top Picks for Unforgettable Wedding Exit Songs


  1. Stevie Wonder – Signed Sealed Delivered

  2. Jack Johnson - Better together

  3. Your love keeps lifting me higher – Jackie Wilson

  4. Hall and Oates - You make my dreams come true

  5. Beatles - Here comes the sun

Modern Hits

  1. Liam Gallagher - Now that I found you

  2. Justin Timberlake - Can't stop the feeling

  3. Best day of my life - American Authors

  4. Shut up and dance - Walk the moon

Unique Choices

  1. Leon Bridges - Beyond

  2. I'm in the mood for love – Jools Holland/Jameriquai

  3. Come and get your love - Redbone

  4. William Fitsimmons - Fortune



Personalization and Customization

With the above choices all ticking the right boxes already, there are some amazing examples of songs which need the finesse of a live wedding musician.

If you have a musician booked, don't be afraid to ask for a song which is a little out of the ordinary. With a good wedding musician, any song can be customised to become the perfect wedding exit song.

The following are songs I've played for my clients to walk out of the wedding ceremony and for each one, I changed the tempo, lyrics, key or general vibe.

  1. Layo and Bushwacka - Love story

  2. Stevie Wonder - As

  3. Robyn S. - Show me love

  4. Candi Staton - You got the love

If you don't want to use a professional wedding musician, it will be up to the venue staff to press play on their sound system. Make sure they know what to play and when to avoid any mishaps. (read this blog for some wedding horror stories relating to wedding ceremony music)


Book a Consultation

I hope this has given you some ideas to choose your wedding exit music. Feel free to get in touch if you need further assistance or if you want to hear how I would re-work any particular song.

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