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Strumming Through History: A Castle Wedding Guitarist at Ogmore Castle

Updated: Jan 26

I think it's safe to say this booking came in last minute. With less than two weeks notice, I was booked to play a wedding ceremony at Ogmore Castle. A local tourist attraction situated on a babbling river and surrounded by free roaming horses.


Preparation for a Castle Wedding Guitarist

Playing in the ruins of an ancient stone fortress sounds wonderful, and it was, but it comes with it's challenges.

  1. There's not much call for hair straighteners and phone chargers in the 12th century so electricity is some what limited.

  2. With no roof and only partial walls, the whole day is weather dependant.

After praying to the Greek God of good weather, Michael Fish. I sourced a battery powered PA system and proceeded to learn the couple's requests for the ceremony.

On the day

When I got to the castle, I was greeted by beaming sunshine, blue skies (thanks Mr Fish) and the couples's wedding planner, Zoe - Wedding By Zoe

She had a contingency for bad weather, which thankfully wasn't needed, and she made sure I had everything I needed, showed me where I was to set up, told me the running order and schedule etc.

It's not often I work with wedding planners but she made the whole process so easy and I was glad that I didn't have to bother the Bride and Groom (or best man) at all.

I'm fully aware that I am not the only wedding supplier and the last thing my clients want is to be organising every last details of their wedding suppliers. Thank you Zoe!

Wedding Ceremony & Photographs

The ceremony itself was beautiful and with it being so close to the river, we could hear horses drinking and chasing each other in the background and afterwards, I played for an hour while the photographer did his thing.


If you are getting married in an abandoned castle and would like a dedicated castle wedding guitarist, you can find more details here -

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