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Acoustic Wedding Entertainment at King Arthur Hotel, Gower

Updated: Jan 26

I think it's safe to say I'm a regular at King Arthur Hotel. I was excited to play this particular wedding because there were a few original song choices which I was looking forward to learning. Also, the only thing nicer than the staff at King Arthur, is the food.

And I like food.


Wedding Ceremony Music


The song choices the couple had was a mix of classical and contemporary. I don't think I've ever played a ceremony before with Pachelbel and Lionel Richie on the same song sheet.

It's always nice to play something different.

This photo was taken by Huw just as I was playing a Bm7 chord (D major's serious cousin).

Acoustic Wedding Entertainment (Drinks Reception - Take 1)

Unfortunately the weather on the day was not the best so I anticipated for the worst and set up for the drinks reception inside, near the bar area upstairs. As I finished setting up I noticed that it had brightened up quite a bit and everyone seemed to be staying outside.


(Drinks Reception - Take 2)

I gave it half hour before moving all my equipment to a terrace overlooking the favourite family photo spot. I got halfway through Use Somebody when nature decided that I hadn't had enough exercise that day.

(Drinks Reception - Take 3)

Back in, to the original place only this time I was substantially more sweaty and out of breath than usual.

WARNING: To anyone thinking of becoming a full time wedding supplier of any kind - Wedding food is gloriously indulgent and is only meant to be eaten on rare occasions. Not 4 times a week.



Speaking of wedding food, I found out that an issue had arisen which meant that a few guests couldn't attend in the day which meant that there were a few meals going spare from the wedding breakfast... All three courses of it.

I'm sorry to say that's the only photo I had time to take before my stomach elbowed it's way into the forefront of my consciousness. The first course was a giant mushroom rammed with breadcrumbs and other savoury delights.

Beef medallions, crispy roast parsnip, potatoes and mystery sauce.


The third course was the stickiest of all toffee puddings. This too had gone before I could fire up my phone so you'll have to have a picture of these free roaming sheep I found just outside the venue.



Evening and first dance

I had learned a few special requests for the evening including Foo fighters, Creed, Guns and Roses and for the first dance, Hoobastank - The reason. This is one I've been waiting for someone to choose and I enjoyed playing something a little different to the usual.

After my 3 evening sets, it was time to hand my rowdy dance floor over to the Dj as I had finished providing acoustic wedding entertainment for that day.


Wedding Suppliers

I loved being part of this wedding and I'm looking forward to working with the other lovely suppliers again in the near future.


Dancing Daffodil

As I was setting up and preparing for the ceremony, I noticed Rachel from Dancing Daffodil also doing her thing. We've been working on a few of the same weddings for the last few weeks and I'm sure we'll bump into each other in the near future. Check out her website and if you want to book her to provide flowers for your wedding, you better do it fast, she's in high demand.


Huw Hudson Photography

This was my first wedding with Huw behind the lens. He took some amazing natural shots and even drove the couple off site to a nearby cliff top. Usually I find photographers tend to control a lot of the day and schedule but Huw was very friendly and made sure that the bride and groom enjoyed the experience.


Would you like a full day of acoustic wedding entertainment?

If you or anyone you know is interested in a full day package like Natalie and Andrew, please get in touch here for a quote - Get a quick quote

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