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Barn Wedding at Priston Mill, Tythe Barn, Somerset

Updated: Apr 12

Nestled in a meadow, where the faint trickle of a stream can be heard, surrounded by green fields and lots of sheep, you will find Priston Mill - Tythe Barn.



Travelling to the Barn Wedding Venue

After the metropolis of road works that is Bristol, I proceeded beyond the outskirts of the city through smaller towns, winding roads and more cottagey houses.

Arriving at the venue, I was suddenly very aware of how loud my feet were as I crunched my way across the parking area and interrupted the nearby murmuring. The only other sound was the babbling of a stream that runs alongside the barn wedding venue.


The Ceremony

The guests for the ceremony were due to arrive at 1:30 so I was set up with plenty of time to mooch around the area and take some photos.

The venue itself was made up of two main areas.

Main Hall

This is where the ceremony was held. The room was very long with a high ceiling and hard walls, this gives the room beautiful acoustic character. I love playing in these types of places.

It also had a gallery at the back overlooking the whole room.

After the ceremony, the main hall was then changed over for the wedding breakfast.

The Lounge

Joining the Main hall, this area was perfect for the drinks reception. It had seating, coffee tables and windows overlooking the front court yard where the photos were taken.

We planned for me to play the drinks reception outside in the court yard if the weather permitted....

Unfortunately the weather did not permit, so I played next to the warmth of the log fire.


For anyone looking for a cosy venue with character and privacy, Priston Mill is definitely worth a look. The staff were lovely and made my life easy when it came to setting up and keeping me informed of any changes to plan.


Heroic Wedding Suppliers

It's often arranged by kind hearted clients to provide food for any supplier attending their wedding for an extended amount of time. This wedding was no different and I'm definitely someone who appreciates good wedding food!

While the guests were seated for the wedding breakfast, I waited in the lounge area until a member of staff delivered a delightful offering to satisfy my rumbling stomach.

And waited.

And waited.

At this point I was reminiscing about my last meal 11 hours earlier and feeling like the guy from Cast Away.

The leather couch I was sitting on started to look tasty.

I waited some more...

Until the Photographer and Videographer enlightened me on the fact that I was waiting in the wrong place! They were serving my food for suppliers upstairs on the gallery overlooking the main hall.

Needless to say, I raced my empty belly and red face upstairs and was momentarily followed by my two missed courses. Which, you'll have to take my word, were wonderful.

If I didn't eat it so fast, you would have a lovely picture to look at, and I would still have all my fingers.

Thank you Lisa and Alex for catering for me, I really appreciate it. I'm also very thankful to Chris and Paolo for reminding me not to be so antisocial.


Photographer - Chris Daw

Videographer - Paolo Ferla


Priston Mill - Tythe Barn stands out not just as a venue but as a chapter in the stories of those it hosts. Its blend of rustic charm and acoustic perfection makes it a jewel among wedding venues. To Lisa and Alex, thank you for choosing my melodies to grace your beautiful day.

Are you dreaming of a wedding day filled with unique music and unforgettable moments? Let's craft a musical experience as unique as your love story. Contact me to discuss your wedding day or arrange a personal consultation. Your perfect day deserves the perfect soundtrack.

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27 juil. 2020

"and I would still have all my fingers" XD

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