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A Country House Wedding Guitarist at Bryngarw

Updated: Jan 25

Bryngarw House is one of my favourite venues, so when I was asked to play a ceremony, drinks reception and first dance, I was more than happy to hang around for a few hours in an idyllic country house.


Country House Wedding Guitarist Chronicles - Ceremony

The song choices for this wedding were beautiful. With one new song I'd never heard of before.

Beyonce - Die for you.

Clearly this meant a lot to the bride and groom so I recorded a brief sample of the song very roughly to give them an idea how it would sound live.

Usually when someone has a very particular choice of song, they want it a certain way. It's not uncommon for me to re-arrange a song a number of times before the client is completely happy with it. Either having to play it a little softer, more upbeat or even precisely timing it to 1:33. If thats what gives my customers, peace of mind then I'm happy to oblige.

On this occasion, my first run was exactly how they wanted it.

(A Country House Wedding Guitarist set up at Bryngarw)


Drinks reception and chill

After an hour of chilled background music while guests basque in the sun, I had a few hours wait until my next spot. The first dance.

In this time I was fed beef dinner, which was wonderful even though I did have to intercept a waitress and stop her from giving it to someone else.

Apparently, it doesn't matter if the bride confirms and pays for a meal for you. If the venue aren't expecting three photographers to turn up, your meal is given to the vultures like a buffalo carcass....

This didn't happen of course thanks to my nimble clammy fingers and angry, empty stomach.



Bro's and Co Band

As the room changeover was approaching, I decided to move some of my equipment closer to the function room just as a member of the band was arriving. We got talking and found that my wedding band, and the band booked for the evening were actually on the same agency and we knew a lot of the same people.

When the rest of the band arrived, they worked like friendly musical dwarves. Setting up speakers, adjusting lights, tuning guitars, sound checking, adjusting lights, warming up, adjusting lights again.

Here's a secret big face selfie with the band adjusting their lights in the background.




"Scott, I can't thank you enough for singing for us at our wedding. You are such a lovely man you made everything perfect. You were amazing to work with from the booking and planing to the day it's self! I asked you to sing a big song for me and you nailed it! I now prefer your version to beyonces!!!"


It was a pleasure to work for such lovely people. I wish you all the very best for the future.

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