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Harmony and Heritage: A Unique Wedding Guitarist at a Vintage Venue

Updated: Jan 25

I enjoy nothing more than reinterpreting a song to make it fit into a wedding atmosphere. On this occasion, my clients were particularly original and very much on my wave length.

Bride to be, "We don't know if it's possible, but we would love the Zelda theme..."

Me, on the outside, "Anything's possible"


Me on the inside....


A unique situation for a unique wedding guitarist.


Unique Wedding Guitarist Adventures at Miskin Manor

This was the first time I've played a ceremony at this venue and it was nice to play somewhere that my moustache can feel at home.

It didn't go unnoticed either. One of the first things the groom said to me after the initial shock of my new face furniture was how dashing it looked in person.... That's right, dashing.

Best groom ever.



The art and architecture was a mix of medieval and victorian-esque vibery. With animal mantles, iron weapons and a portrait of Clint Eastwood (below). The rooms were very spacious and connected by beautiful weaving hallways.

I expected to walk past a room and see a mad haters tea party with Robert Baratheon as the host.


After the ceremony, I played an hour set for the drinks reception while the guests were enjoyed drinks in the garden and I even had a comment from an elderly man who said how much he enjoyed the ceremony music.

I'm so glad the weather rain held off for this one and I'm glad the clients and their guests enjoyed as much as they did.


What to take from this experience

  • Be original with your song choices

You're paying a professional musician to make your song choices work. If you're unsure, get samples before making your final decisions.

  • Moustaches look their best when surrounded by beast mantles.

  • Zelda's soundtrack is beautiful to all ages when played on guitar.

Get in touch for your free song sample and quote on unique wedding music

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